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About BRLI

Rev. Jason Carson Wilson, M. Div.
Bayard Rustin Liberation Initiative Founding Executive Director

Rev. Jason Carson Wilson founded Bayard Rustin Liberation Initiative in April 2018 just before ending his Justice & Peace Policy Fellowship in the United Church of Christ, Justice & Witness Ministries’ Washington, D.C. office. Serving as Justice & Peace Policy Fellow allowed Wilson to primarily advocate for just criminal justice, healthcare, homelessness, immigration, LGBTQ+, and safety net issues. It also provided him the chance to participate in the 2017 Ethics of Reciprocity Conference at the United Nations in New York City. Those experiences inspired Wilson to create an organization that confronted criminal justice, healthcare, and immigration, among others, through an LGBTQ+ lens and filled the gap left by traditional LGBTQ+ organizations. BRLI’s founder also serves as Minister of Social Justice Education and Advocacy at University Church in Chicago.

Policies Priorities

  • Criminal Justice
  • Gun Violence Prevention
  • Healthcare (including Reproductive Justice)
  • Housing/Homelessness
  • Human Rights/SGL-LGBTQ+ Rights
  • Immigration
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Racial Justice
  • Religious Exemptions

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